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1. “动词 + 介词”搭配 ,好比“look at”:

The kid is looking.

The kid is looking at a little rabbit .

介词短语“at a little rabbit”作状语修饰动词look,两者构成了我们常见的搭配“ look a t”。

可见,“动词 + 介词”搭配是由“ 介词短语作状语修饰动词 ”所形成的。

类似“go to”、“translate...into...”的搭配也是由同样的原理组成的:

They will go to school .

They can translate English into 25 languages .

2. “形容词 + 介词”搭配 ,好比“different from”:

Chinese is different.

Chinese is different from any other languages .

不难得到,“形容词 + 介词”搭配是由“ 介词短语作状语修饰形容词 ”所形成的。

类似“skeptical of”、“anxious about”等搭配也是这么组成的:

Experts are skeptical of Tom’s findings .

Tom was anxious about his exam results .

3. “介词短语作定语”所组成的搭配 ,好比“take the place of”

He will take the place.

He will take the place of Mr White .

介词短语“of Mr White”作定语修饰名词the place,形成了搭配“take the place of”。

类似的例子:“have/get access to”、“make the best of”等

4.“动词 + 副词”组成的搭配 :好比“stand up”:

He stands up to grab the ping-pong ball.

副词up修饰动词stand,组成搭配“stand up”。

类似的例子:“fly over”、“break down”、“look in”等等

5. “动词 + 宾语 + 补语”组成的搭配 ,好比“turn...off”:

Can you turn the light off

形容词off是the light的补语。


The guy lifted wooden boxes up .

You may keep him out.

6. "主系表"句型组成的搭配 ,好比“get up”:

I get up early.

get是系动词,up是形容词(词义是“起床的”),两者构成了搭配“get up”。

类似“come true”、“go/come into effect”等搭配也是这么组成的:

a dream comes true.

The regulations go/come into effect

7. 以it 开头的的句型 ,好比“It takes... to do...”

It tooks me one hour to finish my homework .

实际上it是“to finish my homework”的情势主语,原句是:

To finish my homework tooks me one hour.

更多的此类句型:“It is important to do...”、“It is a fact that…”等等

8. 比较句句型 ,好比“as...as”搭配

Jay studies as hard as his brother (studies).

第一个as的词性是 副词 ,词义是“同样地”,在上句中它修饰的是副词hard。


Tom finished the task as soon as he can (finish the task).

The man was as in danger as his friends(were).

而第二个as的词性是 连词 ,词义是“像…一样”,用来引出与主句相比较的对象。





I don't see myself as being as ‘girly girly’ as Rachel.





我们都学过 “more than” 这个短语,但只是靠记着这个短语搭配是没法弄懂下面这三个句子的:

① We had more than they did.

② I can't give you anything more than a hand.

③ We talked more than they did.


理解到 more 有四个词性——分别为副词(adv.)、形容词(adj.)、代词(pron.)和名词(n.),上面的三句话就很轻易明白了:

① We had more than they did.

此中的 more 是名词或代词,在句中作宾语,表现“更多(的某样工具)”。

② I can't give you anything more than a hand.

此中的 more 是作形容词,在句中修饰不定代词anything,“anything more”表现“任何更多的工具”。

③ We talked more than they did.

此中的 more 是作副词,在句中修饰动词talk,“talk more”表现“说的更多”。



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absence from 缺席,不在
absence of 缺乏
access to ……的入口,通路
acquaintance with 相识,理解
action on sth 对……的作用
addition to sth 增长
admission to /into 进入,入(场,学,会)
admission of sth 认可
advance in 革新,进步
advantage over 优于……的有利条件
affection for/towards 爱,嘻歡
answer to ……的答案
anxiety for sth 渴望
apology to sb for sth 致歉
appeal to sb for sth 恳求,号令
appeal for 魅力,吸引力
appetite for 对……的欲望
application 把……应用于……
approach to 类似,措施,通道 of sth/to sth
argument 同意/阻挡……的原因
arrangement for 对……的安排
for /against attack on 对……的打击,评击
attempt at 实验,计划
attention to 对……的留意
attraction for 对……的吸引力
balance between ……之间的均衡
barrier to ……的停滞
belief in 对……的信奉,相信
candidate for 候选人,人选
check on 检察,制止
claim for sth 要求
collision with sb/sth 碰撞,冲突
comment on /about 对……的评述
complaint of /about 报怨,控诉
compromise between/on 折中,妥协
concentration on sth 用心,会合精神
concentration of sth 会合,聚集
concern about/for/over 担心
confidence in 对……的信托,相信
connection between; 关系,连接
consent to sth 同意
with/to sth contact with sb/sth 打仗,联系
contest for sth 争取,竞争
contradiction between 抵牾,不同等
contrast to/with sth 对比,比较
contribution to 贡献,捐献,促成
between A and B conversation with sb 对话
conversion 变化,转换 about sth
of sth into sth credit for sth 荣誉,歌颂
damage to sth 破坏
danger to sb/sth 危险
decision on/against 做/不做……的决定
decrease in sth ……的淘汰
defence against 防备,守卫
delegate to 参加……的代表
demand for 对……的需求
departure from 脱离
desire for sth 渴望
difference 差别,差别
difference 分歧
between……over…… dispute about 争论,辩说
distinction between 区别
doubt about/as to 猜疑
effect on 对……的作用
emphasis on 对……的夸大,注意
encounter with 遭遇,碰到
enthusiasm about/for 热情
entrance to ……的入口,入场
envy of sb 妒忌
exception to ……的破例 of /at sth
exposure to sth 袒露
fancy for sth 喜好
faith in 对……的信托,信奉
glance at 扫视
gratitude to sb 感谢
guess at sth 推测
for sth hatred for/of 愤恨
hazard to 危险
hunger for 渴望
impact on/ upon 对……的撞击,巨大影响
improvement on/in 对……的革新,进步
increase in sth 增长,增长
independence from 独立,自主
influence on 对……的影响
inquiry about 对……的查询
inquiry into 对……的調察
interaction with sth 相互作用
inteference in/with 干预,拦阻
introduction to 引言,介绍,入门
memorial to sth 引进(物)
invitation to 约请
investment in sth 投资
loyalty to sb/sth 忠诚
memorial to sb/sth 怀念碑
obstacle to sth 怀念碑
objection to sth 阻挡
opponent of sth ……的停滞
opponent at /in sth 敌手
patience with 阻挡者
passion for 对……的猛烈喜好,热爱
precaution against 耐烦
pity for sb/sth 可怜,恻隐
preference for sth 防备,防范
preface to ……的前言
preparation for 偏幸
preference to sth 优先
proposal for sth 预备
prejudice against/ 对……的私见,侧重
preparation for 提议
protection for sb 葆护
protest against sth 抗议
against sth provision for/against 预备
pull at/on sth 拉,拖
ratio of sth to sth 比率
reaction to 对……的反响
reason for 缘故,原因
reference to 提及,参考
regard for 对……的留意,恭敬
remedy for 补救,解决
reply to sb/sth 对……的答复
reputation for 名声,名气
request for sth 要求
research on/into 对……的研究,調察
resistance to 对……的反抗,阻力
response to 对……的答复,反响
responsibility for 责任,负责
restrainst on sb/sth 限定,束缚
search for 对……的征采
service to 服务,贡献
similarity between ……的相似之处
skill at 本领,纯熟
solution to ……的解决措施
sorrow at/for/over 悲痛,悲伤
stress on 对……的夸大
supplement to sth 增补,增刊
sympathy for 对……的怜悯
sympathy with 对……的附和
taste for 对……的喜好,喜好
taste in 对……的审美本领
tendency to sth 趋向,趋势
trust in 对……的信任,信托
wish for 欲望,愿望


1. add up to 合计达
2. allow for 思量到
3. answer for 对...负有责任
4. ask after 打听,问候
5. ask for 要,要求
6. back down 放弃,退却
7. back off 放弃,退却
8. back up 倒退,支持
9. break away 忽然脱离,强行逃走
10. break down 破坏
11. break in 闯入;插嘴
12. break into 强行闯入
13. break off 中断,停止
14. break out 暴发,使逃走
15. break through 突围,突破
16. break up 打坏,破坏;停止
17. bring about 导致,引起
18. bring down 打垮;降低
19. bring forward 提出,发起
20. bring out 出书,推出;使显出
21. bring up 教诲,造就
22. build up 渐渐创建;加强
23. burn out 烧光,烧毁
24. burn up 烧光,烧毁,烧起来
25. call for 邀约;要求,需要
26. call off 取消
27. call on 访问,造访
28. call up 打电话;调集
29. care for 照料;嘻歡
30. carry off 拿走,夺走
31. carry on 继续
32. carry out 实行,贯彻
33. catch up with 遇上
34. check in 办理登记手续
35. check out 结帐拜别
36. cheer up 兴奋/振作起来
37. clear away 把...扫除掉,收拾
38. clear up 放晴;清理
39. come around/round 清醒;趁便来访
40. come off 举行;成功;脱落
41. come on 希望;发生
42. come out 出现;发现;结果是
43. come through 经历...仍在世
44. come to 清醒;总数为
45. come up 出现;走上前来
46. come up against 偶尔碰到
47. come up to 即是;比得上
48. come up with 提出
49. count on 依赖,指望
50. count up 算出总数,共计
51. cover up 掩饰,粉饰
52. cut across 抄近路穿过
53. cut back 急遽返回;缩减
54. cut down 减少,淘汰
55. cut in 插嘴,打断
56. cut off 切断,阻断
57. cut out 割去,删去
58. deal in 经营
59. deal with 处置;叙述,涉及
60. die down 变弱,渐渐消散
61. die out 消散,灭尽
62. do away with 破除,去掉
63. do without 没...也行,迁就
64. double up 弯着身子,弯曲
65. draw in 到站
66. draw on 动用,使用,吸
67. draw up 草拟,制订;使停住
68. dress up 艳服妆扮
69. drop by 趁便来访
70. drop in 趁便来访
71. drop off 睡着;让下车,降落
72. drop out 退出,退学
73. face up to 大胆面对
74. fall back on 寻求帮助于
75. fall behind 落伍
76. fall in with 同意;依从
77. fall out 脱落;打骂
78. fall through 失败,落空
79. feel like 想要
80. figure out 盘算出,想出
81. fill in 填写
82. fill out 填写
83. find out 查明,发现
84. get across (使)被理解
85. get along 希望;过活
86. get at 够得着;理解
87. get away 脱离;逃走
88. get by 通过;过活
89. get down 从...下来;写下
90. get down to 开始,动手
91. get in 进入;收获;插话
92. get into 卷入,(使)进入
93. get off 下来;逃走处罚
94. get on 骑上,登上;有希望
95. get on to 转入;同...联系
96. get on with 友爱相处;希望
97. get out 拜别;泄漏;取出
98. get over 恢复,搞定,解决
99. get through 完成;度过;被明白
100. give away 赠予;泄漏

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