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a direction or order

No reason for this instruction was given.

order Mr North had been arrested on the orders of the Spanish government.
command The tanker failed to respond to a command to stop.
rule the rule against retrospective prosecution
demand He grew ever more fierce in his demands.
dictate They must abide by the dictates of the new government.
decree He issued a decree ordering all unofficial armed groups to disband.
mandate The union already has a mandate to ballot for a strike.
directive Thanks to a new directive, labelling will be more specific.
injunction He took out a court injunction against the newspaper.

the process or act of teaching

Each candidate is given instruction in safety.

training He had no formal training as a decorator. She will soon be back in training for next year.
grounding The degree provides a thorough grounding in both mathematics and statistics.
education institutions for the care and education of children


guidance They improve their performance under the guidance of professional coaches.
tuition The courses will give the beginner personal tuition.
enlightenment We set off for the East in search of spiritual enlightenment.
tutelage (formal) This period of tutelage was indispensable for the territories.

information on how to do or use something

This book gives instructions for making a variety of hand creams.

directions Don't throw away the directions until we've finished cooking.


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英音 [in'strʌkʃn] ;

美音 [in'strʌkʃn] ;

  • 这些名词均含“下令”之意。
    command 较正式用词,夸大权威性、全局性和逼迫性。
    order 普通用词,偏重指详细的下令。
    direction 正式用词,指口头或书面的指示或下令。内容不肯定细致,语气较和缓,不太夸大逼迫性。也可指引导性的说明。
    instruction 书面用词,指不容违背、不容颠覆的下令。也多指包含详细说明的指示。
  • 英语讲明
    • the activities of educating or instructing; activities that impart knowledge or skill
    • the profession of a teacher
    • a message describing how something is to be done
    • (computer science) a line of code written as part of a computer program