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Taoists believe life begins where the sun rises, so this - the most easterly mountain in China - is the most sacred. 道家相信 生命始于 日出。 这是中国最东边的山,因此特殊神圣。
If, indeed, ' life begins at 40', then the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty must gain a new lease on life if it is to deliver tangible results at the 2010 Review Conference. 假如确实是' 生命始于 40`,那么《不扩散条约》就必须注入新的生命,才能在2010年审议大会上形成切实的结果。
Life begins to change then from 7 to 14. See how for us a new life begins
It expressed the view that, as human life begins at conception, the termination of pregnancy through procedures of induced abortion at any stage of gestation, was an infringement of this right. 它以为,人的 生命始于 受孕,在怀胎的任何阶段通过人工流产中断妊娠,都是对这一权利的侵占。
Guatemala maintains its position against the practice of abortion, in the belief that life begins at the moment of conception, as provided for under div 3 of our Constitution. 危地马拉对峙阻挡打胎的态度,相信 生命始于 受孕之时,正如我们的《宪法》第3条所划定的。
When you wind up at the same table together somehow, then your real life begins . 当他们完成 同桌一起. 在某些方面,然后 你的实际 生活开始 了。
It will feel like magic as your life begins to transform right before yours eyes, but it is not by magic. 感觉就象被施了魔术一样,你的 生活开始 变化,但那不是由于有什么魔术的作用。
We should remain optimistic, because we know that, as Professor Pierre-Henri Simon was wont to say in his lectures at the Sorbonne, life begins on the other side of despair. 我们应保持乐观,由于我们知道,正如皮埃尔-亨利·西蒙传授在巴黎大学适当说的那样, 生命始于 绝望的另一边。
Cuckoo's young ones push the crows' eggs down Competition is over Life begins with murder That is nature You are like this cuckoo These are crow's eggs that you pushed down Don't forget... every year we get 4 lakh applications to this college Only 200 get selected You are part of the 200 My own son applied thrice He ended up as a broken egg Life is a race You've got to run fast Otherwise the one behind you will trample and overtake you Let me tell you a very interesting story This is an astronaut's pen Due to lack of gravity in outer space ball point and fountain pens don't function M!any scientists at the expense of many million dollars, have invented this pen This space pen can be used at any temperature at whatever angle One day, when I was a student our director called me - Yes, sir - Come here He showed me this pen and said... 'This is a symbol of excellence I'm gifting it to you The day you find an extra- ordinary student like you, give this to him' I am waiting to do so for past 32 years I'm yet to find such a student At least in this batch will one of you be worthy of this pen? 杜鹃的幼鸟 会将乌鸦的蛋挤出巢外竞争结束 生命始于 杀害这就是自然你们就像这杜鹃而这些就是你们挤出巢外的乌鸦蛋别忘了… 我们大学每年都收到四十万份入学申请只有两百个被选中你们就是这两百个荣幸儿我自己的儿子申请了三次 均告失败生活就是一场角逐 你必须快速奔驰不然紧跟在你死后的那个人 就会蹂躏你 超过你我给你们讲个很风趣的故事这是一支宇航员用的钢笔由于外太空没有地心引力 圆珠笔和自来水笔都无法使用许多科学家耗费了无数金钱才发明出这只钢笔这支太空笔可以在任何温度任何角度下使用当我还是学生的时间 一天 我的导师叫住我- 是的 老师 - 过来他把这支笔给我看 并说…"它是良好的象征 如今我把它送给你等你找到一个像你一样良好的学生的那天 把笔交给他"在已往32年里我不停等候着交出它的一刻如今还在寻找这样一名学生在你们这一批学子里 总该有人能配得上这支笔吧?
As the winter storms subside, life begins to return. As they say life begins at 50 grand. Their life begins with murder. That's nature
And somehow these amino acids are combined, and life begins . 而且通过某种方法, 这些氨基酸相互联合 随后 生命出现
Why they say life begins at 30. The quality of life begins with our harmonious inner relationship. Human life begins at the moment of conception. Okay, fine. You tell me when life begins . One cannot choose... how one's life begins .


Interpretive reading begins with a good understanding of the material Project management begins with "Tasking". The film begins with the Chinese army taking over Detroit. Can you explain why the sequence begins with 318?
The charge of genocide begins with Columbus enslaving 1,500 Arawak Indians 种族灭尽的控告 始于 哥伦布奴役 1500阿拉瓦克印第安人
The future success of any developing nation begins with the availability of education. Terrorism begins with words and thoughts of hate. Accountability begins with reliable, relevant and adequate data. Successful child protection begins with prevention. It begins with letting go of a lot of negatives.
ARES Partners begins with an insistence on design excellence and comprehensive engagement. ARES的建立 始于 对计划创作的寻求和全面性投入的对峙。
His grade-point average begins with zero, 0.6. Compose a poem that begins with these words: But it begins with the gift of a good start. It begins with a halt to the Qassam rockets and terror attacks. The path towards establishing global peace begins with the rebuilding of strong families. Peace begins with the people and their choices. Breaking through the cycle of poverty begins with the freedom of choice. Such growth begins with solid national economic policies and institutions.


英语中动词原形出现的几率很低的,用上单三人称的是最基本的。若是果真看见了原形,反而要觉得奇怪了,比如"God bless you."这里其实是虚拟语气。也不是动词原形~~